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Grass Stabilisation Matting

Matting for vulnerable agricultural grass

Grass stabilisation matting is a tough and hard-wearing matting used to strengthen and protect vulnerable areas of agricultural land. The protective matting can be used to protect the ground around heavily used farming areas, as the matting has excellent load bearing and weight distribution properties.

PERFO Ground Stabilisation Matting

PERFO Ground Stabilisation Matting

  • Solid, hard-wearing matting for protecting grassland.
  • Simple to install.
  • Prevents erosion on vulnerable ground surrounding drinking troughs and feeders.
  • UV & Frost Resistant
  • Textured surface for safe grip and reduced risk of injury.
  • Preserves the natural environment as grass grows back through the tiles.
  • Maintains natural drainage by allowing water through.
  • Paxton Footbaths
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